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Foodlawment aim

Our aim is to enhance consumer consciousness in consumption, responsible behavior of the industry and entrepreneurs and proactive thinking of policy makers in environmental issues related to the food chain.


Do you like milk and milk products?


FogyasztóWe have to understand the consumer side of the complex issue of sustainability. It covers many topics, such as the way of life, and how consumer attitudes and behaviors reflected in the consumption patterns influence economic, and environmental decisions. Many consumers do not know which products or companies are truly sustainable, so they can't decide based on authentic information. Responsible purchasing should be habitual; consumers should be willing to pay a premium for sustainable goods despite the economic downturn.

Entrepreneurs and Industry

Due to the global trend in environmental awareness, paired with heightened consumer consciousness, food and feed companies are increasingly facing new expectations. The global food industry can be broken into three main sectors: agriculture, food processing, and food retail and foodservice. Each sector has its own challenges but each of them has to be sustainable. The food train as such, represents the many stations of the food chain.


 Food safety systems should be founded on science-based principles. Entrepreneurs, policy makers and representatives of science and education have to cooperate to enhance public health outcomes, increase food safety education, training, and to build capacity to protect animal health, food safety, public health and the environment.


Policy making, carrying out official controls and share information with consumers are official tasks of the national governments and partly of the European Commission.  Recent trends in global food and feed production, processing, distribution, preparation and consumption are creating challenges for national systems to ensure food safety and adequate nutrition.


Foodlawment events

1st Sustainable Food Chain Summit 2010 

2nd Sustainable Food Chain Summit 2011 

Budapest Charta 2010-2012 


INNOFOOD- South- East-European Program 2011-2013


Europe -for the time being- is one of the rare places on Earth where enough of the safe, good quality and in many cases special food can be grown. This is the basis of our everyday lives, health, quality of life and future.


Food Chain Summits

 August, the summer festival season, “together the country” in 20 August, in Fest of the St. Stephen and the National Bread and in the currents events of Sustainable Food Chain Summits. In this year, the countryside, the milk and dairy products, and their large users were the main characters of the sustainable food chain topics. The "GALACTICUS" 1st Milk Hygienic, Milk Quality Assurance, Milk Inspection World Congress, which was an integral part of the exhibition and product contests, , Lupeni – Seklerland - Transylvania - Romania-hosted.

One of the large users of milk, the chocolate invites the professionals and the consumers to Szerencs, to the Gate of World Heritage site Tokaj!

In this year, the Milk and Milk Products, as well as their large users were the central topics of the conference, a panel discussion in the factories visits, exhibitions tasting and contests products! More here.

Foodlawment profile

Foodlawment is a prominently public benefit association aiming health care, disease prevention, carrying out scientific research activity, training and education, environmental education, protection of nature, environment and animals and consumer protection related to the food chain.

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